Types of Kratom Strains


What is Kratom?

A Natural herb called Kratom, also known in the world of botany as Mitragyna speciosa, has been historically used in practical Asian Medicine Circles for 100s of years.  Best known for it’s uplifting mood effects and overall uptick in mental concentration capacity, modern day popularity of kratom has soared world wide in every imaginable demographic. Who does not want to feel a little more energized, focused or just plain happy during their day?

With nearly a decade of experience in the use and distribution of kratom our team is very confident that we have most of the answers that you may have about the different strains of kratom. Depending on your lifestyle, demeanor and other unique lifestyle and personal variables there are different strains of kratom that will be best for each individual. We will be going over each specific strain of kratom in detail in order to develop a comfortable level of knowledge about which type of kratom will be best suited for your desired outcome.

Below you will find the specific details of what unique effects are reported for each strain of kratom.  They are classified by the color of the vein in the leaf and when ground up into a herbal powder to make a tea, tincture or capsule the kratom powder usually will have a subtle hue of the vein color mixed with the green leaf of the plant.  Red Vein type kratom will appear as different shades of Reddish dark green or even brownish red. White Vein strain of kratom will exhibit a lightish green yellow white tint. Lastly a green vein kratom strain will be a deep organic green and varying degrees of a full bodied green.

What are the effects of Red Strain Kratom?

Red Vein Kratom has a  red colored stem and veins. This type of kratom is arguably the most popular strain of kratom on the market. The red vein kratom plant grows predominantly  in Southeast Asia and is slightly more persistent than other kratom plants. Reported studies claim that the natural substances that give rise to the red color of the veins in the kratom plant likewise safeguard the leaves with a greater immunity to external factors.

Red vein kratom  from a trusted kratom supplier  are great for novice users interested in trying kratom for the first time,  because this type of kratom produces a calming mood.  What we typically tell our clients is that Red is for bed, red kratom is suitable as a sleep aid with higher than average anxiety levels or people that just have trouble winding down at the end of a stress filled day. Also great to concentrate on study, work or leisurely reading without the all night jitters. . Red vein kratom strains are known to relax the muscles, mind  and relieve pain. It relaxes the fascia in the muscles and can be used as a supplement or replacement of pharmaceutical painkillers. Red kratom is the first strain of kratom we recommend for abstaining from drug, alcohol and opiate  use and will alleviate serious withdrawal symptoms for alcohol and especially opiate addicts.

Between different red veined kratom strains there are varying degrees of a more relaxing/tranquil feeling to sedative/sleep inducing.   Red Bali  or the Red Borneo have a sedative effect while others like the Red Maeng Da or Red Dragon produce a more focused night time reading or studying  mood.   It is also important to understand that depending on the amount of your dose will also drastically change the effects of the kratom.

Some of our popular Reds are RED BALI, RED BORNEO AND RED MAENG DA

What are the effects of White Strain Kratom?

White veined kratom is most popular amongst college students studying for those stress filled finals.  The white vein kratom is known as a mild stimulant,  positive mood enhancer, and very good for energy. In Thailand and other parts of SouthEast Asia this kratom is often taken instead of traditional caffeinated coffee for morning alertness.  Many of the agriculture employees across the various types of farms in these Asian countries chew Kratom leaves for its work enhancing benefits.  White Vein Kratom provides these workers with  added stamina to make it through  a long and arduous day on these farms.  We recommend always starting with a small amount of the White Vein Kratom strain because too much can make you jittery and keep you up past an optimal bedtime.  It is common practice to use a White Veined Kratom for morning and daytime use and Red Vein Kratom during the evening for a more balanced effect.

Some of our most sought after kratom strains in this category include: WHITE MAENG DA, PREMIUM WHITE VEIN  and the WHITE THAI

What are the effects of Green Strain Kratom?

Green Vein Kratom can be described as a good medium between a White Vein Kratom and a Red Vein Kratom.  It is both euphoric and energy producing.  One of our personal favorites is the Green Maeng Da, for good reason because it is by far our highest selling Kratom Strain.  I can best describe it as the perfect balance between alertness and a calm focused euphoria and our customers report a similar effect.  For example, in music and sport when an artist or athlete experiences a perfect harmony between analytical concentration and creative improvisation it is known as an  Autotelic Experience or The  Flow state;  this kratom often provides a vehicle for the  brain and body to switch into this harmonious state.

The Green Maeng Da  kratom is a much more  subtle form of energetic boost compared to the White Maeng Da.  Green Strain Kratom is a great combination of high pain fighting qualities and anxiety diminishing attributes.  It can also be mixed with any other staring because of its balance on the effects spectrum.  Green Bali mixed with a Red Bali will cause a nice analgesic effect, and White Borneo mixed with Green Thai will have an elevating concentration based effect.  Green Vein Kratom is popular for social affairs such as family gatherings and a night out in the town.  And since all Kratom, in no way affects your depth perception or fine motor skills you can still have a good time as a designated driver and keep all your friends safe!

Some popular strains  in this category include: GREEN MALAY, GREEN MAENG DA  and GREEN INDO

What are the effects of Yellow Strain Kratom

The effects of Yellow Strain Kratom are not as pronounced as those of the more potent strains. It is most often used for relaxation and to increase one’s energy levels. The effects start out with a slight sense of euphoria that then produces increased feelings of well-being, happiness, and contentment. A person may also experience an overall feeling of calmness and tranquility, which will help them relax or fall asleep easier than they might otherwise.
Great for anyone in the service industry that has to keep their friendly chatter going at optimal levels throughout the day to both serve and entertain guests and clients alike.  The Yellow Type Kratom such as the Gold Bali is a classic natural Antidepressant.


What is Maeng Da Kratom?

With a technique called “grafting” this amazing plant gets its strength from two different breeds being spliced together.

In the Thai Language Maeng Da is roughly translated into “Pimp Grade” and it is the strain most sought after because of its potency and longer lasting benefits.  The Red Maeng Da Kratom for example is going to save you a buck because If it is stronger than you would like, you can just take less and save the money you would spend on another strain by using less of this one. 

Maeng Da kratom has pain relieving effects and also helps the muscles relax.  Found almost primarily in Thailand, Malaysia and Indonesia.

This kratom is often used for its antidepressant properties.  The Maeng Da Kratom is particularly good for balancing moods and is also believed to be beneficial for mental disorders such as depression and manic tendencies.   The Green Maeng Da and Red Maeng Da are also what we frequently recommend for anyone trying to come off pharmaceutical and  opioids dependency without experiencing the dreaded “withdrawal symptoms”.

What are the benefits of Maeng Da Kratom?

Maeng Da Kratom users testify to the following perks: 

  • Pain relievers  
  • Peak Performance enhancer 
  • Elevated energy 
  • Motivation 
  • Reduction in anxiety and stress 
  • Mental stability and emotional balance

Why should I buy Maeng Da Strain Kratom?

Like all of our strains, It is always recommended to take a smaller dose of Maeng DA Kratom to start with. The right amount of dosage helps the user to overcome calamity, stay composed under pressure, and work hard throughout the day. 

Buy our most popular strains GREEN MAENG DA KRATOM or WHITE MAENG DA KRATOM

What is best between Red, Green, White and Yellow Kratom Strains?

The type of kratom that is most fitting for you depends on several important variables.  One: What hour of the day or period in comparison to your sleep schedule are you trying to get some benefits from the kratom you are using?  Two: What type of activity are you trying to complement with your kratom supplementation?  Three: Do you have a specific physical or mental ailment you are attempting to remedy?  It will take some personal experimentation to find out which strains work best for you, at what time of day and for what situation.  

We will use the common periods of an individual waking at 8 am and winding down at 8 pm to sleep by 10 pm for our example.  If you are an early riser and looking for an extreme boost to your morning go no further then the White Maeng Da Kratom.  This is by far the most energy producing kratom strain to get that blood going at the wee hours of the morning.  It is also very convenient that you can also supplement the White Maeng Da with coffee with no worry of getting jittery from too much caffeine use.  Since the Alkaloids in the Kratom plant do not hit the same receptors in the body as Caffeine you will have no risk of Coffee jitters.  Still we advise that you use moderate amounts of any stimulant you put in your body.  We suggest moderate use because we have found that if you use smaller doses throughout the day the kratom will have a much more lasting effect.

Depending on what activity you plan on racing through the day will also determine what type of kratom you should use.  We recommend a Green Bali for lunch time business meetings and a white thai for a nice pre workout before you hit the gym.  And like we said above, a little shot of White Maeng Da will really kick start your day.  Any of our popular yellow strain kratom will leave you feeling content for several hours throughout the day.

We would recommend if you have a physical or mental ailment that you are attempting to alleviate that you should consult a physician before altering lifestyle, health, fitness, water intake, sleep and introduction to any experimentation of supplements.  You know best and you are free to make the decisions to improve your life and habits.