The best method to take kratom


Over the last decade, kratom has taken off in popularity and is now used by thousands of people across the globe. But what’s the best way to take it for maximum results? Many studies have demonstrated that there are various methods one can use when taking this herb, so how does one know how best to use it and reap its benefits whilst minimizing potential side effects?

Some common methods of kratom consuming:

Following are some common ways in which kratom is consumed:

  1. Chew the kratom fresh leaves as it is. Remove the veins first. You can also add salt to it. Kratom leaves contain a compound called mitragyna alkaloid and when chewed, it produces an energizing effect on one’s mood.
  2.  You can also chew the kratom dried leaves if fresh is not available, or you can smoke it but it’s not always preferred.
  3. Kratom is also easily available in powder form. You can take powder kratom with water. Or else powder can be mixed with any juice of your choice for better taste.
  4. Another common way of taking Kratom is by “tossing and washing.” With this method, the user will take a spoon full of Kratom powder and put it in their mouth before washing that down with water or juice.
  5. Brew the kratom leaves and make tea of it. You can add honey for better taste.
  6. In market you can also get kratom in capsule form. Capsules are best in a sense that they are tasteless.

Best method to take kratom: 

There are many ways to use kratom, but the effects are somewhat different depending on which method you choose.

Kratom powder versus kratom capsule:

Many individuals like using kratom in powder form for a few reasons. First of all, it’s usually very cost-effective compared to other forms of kratom such as capsules or resin. Another benefit is that most users find it easy to mix with water and drink rather than swallow capsules or smoke resin.

Kratom tea versus kratom powder:

When you compare kratom tea to taking kratom powder, you’ll find that there are slightly different effects. In general, the experience of drinking kratom tea is more stimulating than taking Kratom powder. Moreover, the analgesic effects are definitely lessened when you take it in this form. 

Many people claim that the mood-enhancing and euphoric effects are enhanced when drinking Kratom Tea. This is because the effects kick in faster and work quickly when you drink it versus other methods like eating or snorting it, which could last anywhere from 30 minutes to four hours depending on how much active ingredient gets released into your system. 

Therefore, this method might not be desirable for those who are looking for a way to relax and feel pain relief quickly; however, if you’re looking for an energy boost or a feeling of euphoria, this method would be ideal!

Summing up, there are many ways of taking kratom. But for many people powder form is the best method. Powder kratom is commonly taken either by the “toss and wash” technique or by making tea of it. Both give a little different effect as discussed above.