Miracle Koffee and it’s team members are proud to partner with The Sunnyside Wrestling Club to promote the pursuit of childhood advancement and athletic excellence. We have spent the past 5 years working with the Sunnyside Wrestling Kids Club and have seen numerous scholar athletes take their wrestling to the next level earning them numerous D-1 college wrestling scholarships and higher learning opportunities.

100% of the monies you donate to our cause will go to the extension of these opportunities for all the children and young adults we work with. From the young kids wrestling club functions to the High School Scholar athlete program we work with young men and women from the ages of 8-18. A lot of extra financial support is needed during the off-season wrestling season where the children must pay their own way to regional and national tournaments. Sunnyside is one of the most prestigious wrestling clubs in the country and with the goal of continuing these elite opportunities that will garner advancement in sport, school and life we would be grateful for any and all support that you can sacrifice.


Student/Athlete Accolades

  • Over 40 college scholarships awarded
  • 5 HighSchool Wrestling Team Championships
  • 6 Academic All-Americans
  • 2 Dave Schultz Academic/Athlete Excellence Awards
  • 7 National Champion Freestyle Fargo
  • 11 Highschool All-Americans


Thank you for your charitable donations!

Audrey Jimenez crushes the competition at Cadet World Championships in Budapest, Hungary and takes home the Bronze medal.