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  • white-maeng-da-kratomwhite-vein-maeng-da-kratom

    White Maeng Da Kratom


    The White Maeng Da is a mixture of the two strains, with the majority being White Vein Kratom (70%) and green vein Kratom (30%). The effects are more potent than Green Vein Kratom but not as much as Red Vein Kratom.
    White Maeng Da not only promotes mental alertness and physical energy but also stimulates the mind and helps to focus.

  • white-maeng-da-kratom-capsuleswhite-maeng-da-capsules-kratom

    White Maeng Da Kratom Capsules


    White Maeng Da is a blend of two different kratom strains. It’s predominantly white vein kratom, but also has green vein kratom in there. White Maeng Da is more potent than most green vein. It has been known to increase energy, stimulate the mind and deter drowsiness!

  • white-thai-kratomwhite-vein-thai-kratom

    White Thai Kratom


    The potency of this strain varies from person to person, so it is important to take these recommendations with caution and to do your own research before using them. Do not use more than the amount listed here unless you have a tolerance for the substance and are well aware of its effects.

  • white-thai-kratom-capsuleswhite-thai-capsules-kratom

    White Thai kratom Capsules


    Pain is awful and it can ruin your day. However, when feeling pain you should try white Thai kratom because it helps remove whatever pain that you are experiencing. This herb is really effective in removing all types of pain that a person may experience.

  • white-vein-kratomkratom-vein-white

    White Vein Kratom


    This Kratom is known for its medicinal properties. It can be used to treat fever, pain, and inflammation. The bark of the white vein tree is used to make tea that is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.
    The effects of this strain are mild, so it’s good for people who are new to kratom. It also lasts for a shorter time than other strains, so it can be taken more often.

  • white-vein-kratom-capsuleswhite-vein-capsules-kratom

    White Vein Kratom capsules


    This kratom is known for its medicinal properties. It can be used to treat all sorts of minor ailments, including fever, pain, and inflammation. The bark of the white vein tree is used to make a tea that some find particularly effective in treating minor aches and pains.

  • white-veitnam-kratomveitnam-white-kratom

    White Vietnam kratom


    Feeling too tired to get through the day? Wondering how you’ll survive the week? Unwind & revive with white Vietnam Kratom! It’s known to be the strongest strain of kratom because it will give you a mental and physical boost, making you feel like a new person. It has an overall stimulating effect, boosting your energy and reducing your pains.

  • white-Vietnam-kratom-capsuleswhite-veitnam-capsules-kratom

    White Vietnam kratom Capsules


    Tired all the time? End your exhaustion and feel like a new you with white Vietnam Kratom! Strong strains of Kratom, such as white Vietnam, are known to help boost both your mental energy and physical strength so you can go about your day feeling more energized and refreshed.

  • yellow-maeng-da-kratommaeng-da-yellow-kratom

    Yellow Maeng Da Kratom


    The most popular variety is red vein maeng da kratom because it is more stimulating than other varieties. It is said to have an effect that resembles coffee without the jitters of caffeine.
    Yellow maeng da kratom, on the other hand, has more of a sedative effect that is similar to opium without addictive qualities.
    The high alkaloid concentration in yellow maeng da kratom has been attributed to its growing environment and how it is processed.

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    Yellow Maeng Da Kratom capsules


    Some people enjoy the stimulating effects of Kratom in the morning, while others prefer a relaxation boost in the afternoon and evening. The most popular is Red Maeng Da Kratom and after that yellow Maeng Da especially because of how energizing it is to users: often compared to a shot of espresso without any jitters.

  • yellow-Sumatra-kratomyellow-vein-Sumatra-kratom

    Yellow Sumatra Kratom


    The Yellow Sumatra Kratom is likely to be a hit with users because it is uncommon and likely more appealing to many than the other strains of Kratom, particularly the Red, Green, and White strains.

    One of the most difficult strains to get is Yellow Sumatra because most Kratom vendors don’t sell it. Because most users don’t have Yellow Sumatra, most people aren’t aware that it even exists!

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    Yellow Sumatra Kratom capsules


    The undiscovered gem is definitely the Yellow Sumatra strain of Kratom. There are a lot of other interesting strains out there but few are as obscure – or exciting – as this one which leaves most customers craving to find out more about it.

  • yellow-veitnum-kratomvietnam-yelow-kratom

    Yellow Vietnam Kratom


    Yellow Vietnam is a new vein that has been popping up in the Kratom world. It’s not as popular as Red and White, but it’s still a thing.
    The Yellow Vietnam strain is a Sativa-dominant hybrid that is very popular in the cannabis community. It has a distinct lemon taste and smell, and it’s often used for its high THC.

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    Yellow Vietnam Kratom Capsules


    Yellow Vietnam is a new strain of Kratom that makes up an important part of any Kratom regimen. It’s not quite as popular as White or Red, but that doesn’t mean it’s less potent. Yellow Vietnam is a sativa-dominant hybrid and its effects are generally considered to be very energizing thanks to its high THC levels.