White Horn Kratom Capsules


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Both powder and capsules are forms of kratom. Kratom in both powder and capsule states has the same alkaloid content, but there are a few distinguishing factors. Powders taste bitter, whereas capsules do not. The powder tends to provide a faster reaction time, as they immediately start working when digested since they’re absorbed into the body much easier than capsule varieties.

History of White Horn Kratom:

White Horn Kratom offers a balanced high that is not only potent but also quite strong. The name comes from the way the leaf of the tree itself grows. There is no denying that White Horn Kratom looks different from other strains of kratom, such as Sumatra or Indo Kratom.
This unique plant is rare with its white vein color and can be found in both Thailand and Malaysia.

What Makes White Horn the Right Choice?

White Horn Kratom is one of the most popular kratom strains on the market. It’s a very special variety because of how much mitragynine, its active ingredient, it contains. Mitragynine is so special because it gives this strain its unique traits.

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