Red Bentuangie Kratom


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History of Red Bentuangie Kratom:

Red Bentuangie originates from West Borneo in Indonesia. This rare strain grew on the edges of Indonesian jungles for years until it was found and rediscovered in recent years. Red Bentuangie’s unique flavor stems from a special fermentation process that has been used for generations by indigenous people! Red Bentuangie is cherished around the globe, known for its potent THC levels and flavorful effects.

The Average Price of Red Bentuangie Kratom:

If you need smaller sizes, make sure to look around for a reputable vendor who will be selling them at reasonable prices. Sometimes the price will range from $12 for 28g (1 oz.) all the way up to $240 for 1 kilo (1,000g). Feel free to reach out to us if you’re interested in purchasing 1 kilo and we can offer special pricing at $99.99.

Similar Strains:

If you’ve tried Red Bentuangie, it’s one of the most robust, flavor-rich strains on the market. And it has a delicious chocolaty smell too! Although it won’t make your customers want to eat chocolate, they will appreciate the revitalizing, soothing effects of this strain.

The best way to compare this Mitragyna speciosa strains to others is through their speed of action. With that in mind, it may remind you of Red Sumatra or Red Malay.

What Makes Red Bentuangie the Right Choice?

Red Bentuangie is one of the most unique strains of Kratom available due to its strong effect and ability to withstand high doses.

Additional information

Grams Per Bag

20 grams, 40 grams, 150 grams, 300 grams, 500 grams, 1000 grams


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