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  • white-bali-kratomwhite-vein-bali-kratom

    White Bali Kratom


    White Bali Kratom leaves energize and have a refreshing, exhilarating effect. People used to take it after a long, tiresome day of work. White Bali tends to be more stimulating than others varieties, but it’s clear-headed enough that you’ll stay alert and balanced throughout the entire experience.

  • white-borneo-kratomwhite-vein-borneo-kratom

    White Borneo Kratom


    White Borneo is known for its quick effects. It will energies you within 5 minutes. This is because the strain’s mechanism of action goes straight to work in your body without any delays. For those looking for rapid relief, this makes white Borneo an outstanding choice.

  • white-horn-kratomwhite-horn-kratom-effects

    White Horn Kratom


    White Horn Kratom is a new strain of kratom that has been gaining popularity in recent years.
    Many people are drawn to this strain because of the higher level of alkaloids it contains. This means that it can produce more pronounced effects, but also more side effects.
    White Horn is a strain of kratom that has been used for medicinal purposes in Thailand and other Southeast Asian countries for centuries.

  • white-maeng-da-kratomwhite-vein-maeng-da-kratom

    White Maeng Da Kratom


    The White Maeng Da is a mixture of the two strains, with the majority being White Vein Kratom (70%) and green vein Kratom (30%). The effects are more potent than Green Vein Kratom but not as much as Red Vein Kratom.
    White Maeng Da not only promotes mental alertness and physical energy but also stimulates the mind and helps to focus.

  • white-thai-kratomwhite-vein-thai-kratom

    White Thai Kratom


    The potency of this strain varies from person to person, so it is important to take these recommendations with caution and to do your own research before using them. Do not use more than the amount listed here unless you have a tolerance for the substance and are well aware of its effects.

  • white-vein-kratomkratom-vein-white

    White Vein Kratom


    This Kratom is known for its medicinal properties. It can be used to treat fever, pain, and inflammation. The bark of the white vein tree is used to make tea that is believed to have anti-inflammatory properties.
    The effects of this strain are mild, so it’s good for people who are new to kratom. It also lasts for a shorter time than other strains, so it can be taken more often.

  • white-veitnam-kratomveitnam-white-kratom

    White Vietnam kratom


    Feeling too tired to get through the day? Wondering how you’ll survive the week? Unwind & revive with white Vietnam Kratom! It’s known to be the strongest strain of kratom because it will give you a mental and physical boost, making you feel like a new person. It has an overall stimulating effect, boosting your energy and reducing your pains.