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  • Red-Bali-Kratomred-vein-bali-kratom

    Red Bali Kratom


    The Red Bali Kratom leaf is a very popular choice for people interested in consuming Kratom or anyone looking to expand the breadth of their collection.

    Whether you select Red Bali, Green Bali, or White Bali, you’ll receive a strain that combines the best aspects of Sumatra and Borneo. That’s because the Bali strains are hybrids created from the Sumatra and Borneo Kratom trees.

  • red-bentuangie-kratomred-vein-bentuangie-kratom

    Red Bentuangie Kratom


    Red Bentuangie is one of our rarest and most sought after Mitragynas. Considered as one of the finer red strains, Red Bentuangie has everything a customer could want from a red strain – including several properties that make it stand out from others of a similar color.

  • red-borneo-kratomred-borneo-kratom-effects

    Red Borneo Kratom


    Red Borneo Kratom is in a class of its own. Made from pure, rare, and potent strain of Kratom, Red Borneo takes the best that Red Vein strains have to offer and combines it into one super-concentrated variety. From the pleasant aroma to the euphoric buzz, from the relaxing sensation to the beneficial health effects, Red Borneo seems to have it all and then some.

  • red-dragon-kratomred-vein-dragon-kratom

    Red Dragon Kratom


    The new red dragon Kratom has made a huge splash among the Kratom community. Superior red vein dragon is a pure potent strain with high-quality natural ingredients. With effects that are powerful and long-lasting, this strain has an active user base of aficionados who appreciate the boost it gives them at work or during their leisure time activities such as exercising or socializing.

  • red-hulu-kapuas-kratomred-hulu-kratom

    Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom


    Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom is an example of some prime red vein qualities. This difficult to find strain has proven itself to be well worth the effort of tracking down. You can expect a strong smell and an agreeable high from this particularly powerful red vein strain. Red Hulu Kapuas Kratom is believed to be one of the strongest red strains available, thus its quick sell-out reputation.

  • red-indo-kratomred-indo-kratom-effects

    Red Indo Kratom


    Indonesia’s Red Bali Kratom has a synergistic blend of effects that will leave you pleasantly relaxed. Bali’s leaves contain an average concentration of 7-Hydroxymitragynine and has a slow onset, long duration.

  • red-maeng-da-kratomred-vein-maeng-da-kratom

    Red Maeng Da Kratom


    The red Maeng da strain is a mixture of 40% white and 60% red vein plants in the south of Brunei in Indonesia. The blend of white and red vein plants has created a new strain that offers the best of both worlds.
    It is a powerful strain. If you are a beginner take small doses and if you are switching to Red Maeng Da, prepare yourself for an adjustment.
    This is because it has a higher ratio of 7-hydroxy mitragynine to mitragynine, which is thought to be responsible for its painkilling properties.

  • red-sumatra-kratomred-vein-sumatra-kratom

    Red Sumatra Kratom


    Red Sumatra is a deeply scarlet-colored strain of Kratom that provides slightly different benefits than the more common variety. Many Kratom users enjoy this resplendent red form because of its unique properties and heavier, steadier influence on the body and mind.

  • red-thai-kratomred-thai-kratom-effects

    Red Thai Kratom


    Red Thai has a long-lasting, relaxed performance. Much like other red-veined varieties, Red Thai’s leaves are also more resilient than the leaves used of Green Thai and White Thai. The red-veined leaves produce a larger yield as well, making Red Thai relatively easy to find.

    Red Thai is one of the most popular strains on the market because it packs a strong punch. For those who are seeking a potent strain that is both energizing and calming, Red Thai may be exactly the right choice. It provides an experience that is more balanced than many other strains.

  • red-vietnam-kratomred-vein-vietnam-kratom

    Red Vietnam Kratom


    Red Vietnam Kratom is the type of Kratom that will help in sleep. It is great for relieving pain. Red Maeng da and red Bali are much stronger varieties of Red strain. Red Vietnam Kratom is a little milder than these. Red strain Kratom is divided into many types but red Vietnam is considered to be the latest.