My Story

Born and bread to be a wrestler. I competed as a captain of the Salpointe Catholic H.S. wrestling team before becoming a professional Mixed Martial Arts fighter during my college wrestling years.   I have fought in 70 professional fights, have appeared in the UFC 7 times and fought all over the world.

After 2 herniated discs and a multitude of other serious sports injuries the quality of my physical and psychological well being on and off the mat began to seriously depreciate. I tried prescription pain pills to ease the pain, however I found them to work but only for a short while at best and were highly addictive. Then 6 years ago I found a natural plant called “Miracle Koffee”.

Miracle Koffee helps me focus on my workouts and not the pain. I personally take this natural plant to help take away the discomfort of acute and nagging injuries.

Please contact me personally if you would like more information about this miracle plant and how it can greatly boost your training results.

Drew Fickett (Professional Mixed Martial Arts Fighter since 1999)