Kratom, a herb that is native to Southeast Asia and is used to treat various ailments by many people all over the United States including California, where there are hundreds of thousands of residents. Kratom lovers living in the state often have concerns about whether or not it is legal for them to consume kratom legally or in public because some states have banned it due to its potential for abuse and addiction. We will address this common question here:

Is kratom legal in California?

Kratom, a herbal supplement also known as Mitragyna  Speciosa is legally available in California. Kratom can be sold and possessed in stores in California as per the laws of the state. One cannot be charged for any crime if they were caught dealing, selling, or possessing kratom in this state


Kratom is readily available in California. There are many vendors offering kratom in California. Some of these are only operating online while others may be available locally and you can buy kratom from their store face to face.

Vendors of kratom in California:

Choosing a vendor for kratom in California can sometimes be a difficult task. Some of these vendors are simply dealing with customers online, but others may have physical stores where you’re able to make your purchase face-to-face.


Based on the popularity of kratom, we have put together a list with information about some of the top vendors of kratom in California who deal both online and offline. Our list will enable you to make an informed decision more easily!

Online vendors of kratom in California:

There are a lot of vendors who sell kratom online in California. Miracle Koffee is one of the most trusted sources who deliver to California and other states as well. We provide a wide variety of kratom, available in all veins ( powders, and capsules) and strains (green Malay, white maeng da, etc.).

As an established brand, Miracle Koffee works hard to ensure we curate only the best strains from around the globe to bring everything from pain relief to anxiety and depression treatment.

You can get kratom online by ordering it from your laptop or mobile phone, and you need not travel long from your home to get it.

Offline vendors of kratom in California:

When purchasing kratom, it’s not just important to pick the right kind but you also have to make sure that you buy it from someone who can be trusted and whose ethical standards you admire. There are many offline vendors which sell high-quality kratom, but it’s essential to find one that matches your particular needs and requirements in order for you to get the best value. Here are some of them:

Cali Botanicals:

Cali Botanicals is one of the few companies to have the distinction of being part of our “Top Pick” list for kratom vendors for four years in a row. In order to ensure consistency in quality, each bag is lab tested by an independent facility that specializes in herbal analysis.

With multiple different strains to choose from, you can be certain that if you enjoy one type, then you’re likely to find another with similar characteristics that will help keep your mind off the stress of shopping at Cali Botanicals again and again.

Spectrum kratom

Spectrum kratom is located at 3137 Tiger Run Ct STE 113, Carlsbad, CA 92010, United States. Spectrum Kratom is a highly recommended in-store business. We recommend them for their lab-tested kratom that is stripped of any other ingredients and is guaranteed to be the purest on the market. Not only that, but they also practice stringent quality assurance standards with their products!