Arkansas is a beautiful state in the southern part of the United States. It has a steadily growing population of close to 3 million people in 2018, which makes it an ideal place to live or do business.

It’s a question of curiosity to those kratom users who are visiting Arkansas for the first time that is, “Is Kratom legal in Arkansas?” and also to those who are living in Arkansas but before becoming customers of kratom, they surf through the web with this same question.

Here in this blog, we will answer the question in more detail so read on:

Is kratom legal in Arkansas?

No, kratom is not currently legal in Arkansas. Unfortunately, Arkansas residents and visitors are not legally allowed to sell or buy Kratom. By the letter of the law, this means that it is illegal for people from Arkansas and visitors from other states to carry any quantity of Mitragyna speciosa with them.


Residents of Arkansas were once able to legally purchase and grow kratom. In October 2015, the government of Arkansas passed a law that prohibited the sale and use of any products containing kratom.

Kratom users have not given up the fight. Since 2015, a number of petitions and social media pages have launched to try and get this herbal supplement legalized in the state once again. Kratom users living in Arkansas have fought tirelessly to make their voices heard but so far it has not achieved the results they are looking for.

Since the government has put a ban on kratom vendors, you will no longer be able to order kratom online and have it delivered to Arkansas. If you were previously a customer of Kratom or any of their affiliated websites they now will not be allowed to ship anything to your address if you live in Arkansas.

There are still some Kratom vendors shipping to banned states such as Arkansas, but keep in mind that the possession, selling, and traffic of this drug is illegal in Arkansas. Depending on how much of a substance is discovered during a search, one may face incarceration for a period of 20 years and be forced to pay up $15,000.

Why kratom is banned in Arkansas?

Kratom is an herbal and natural supplement with many medicinal properties and healthy qualities. Recently, this substance that has been used in places like Southeast Asia for centuries has really become popular in the United States and Canada as well.


Pioneers have found Kratom to be useful when it comes to helping people with all kinds of conditions, including chronic pain and opiate addiction. Furthermore, unlike opiates, there are no addictive qualities associated with Kratom.

Kratom is banned in Arkansas and it’s all because of one doctor. A doctor in question alleged that Kratom’s primary alkaloids are opium derivatives, which made it seem like Kratom was considered an opioid by the government. In conclusion, Kratom has been added to the Schedule I drugs list of the state.

A final thought is that Kratom is currently banned in Arkansas, so if one has kratom in a person’s possession they will be seen as having no justifiable excuse to have it, and as such, they could be facing felony charges. The penalties for having a natural substance on your person are unjust and unreasonable, but no one should risk disobeying the law.