Kratom For Scoliosis


If you suffer from pain and are looking for a way to relieve it, then you should consider kratom. It is an ancient natural drug that has long been used by people in Southeast Asia. It has been used in traditional medicine for centuries.

Nowadays, it is gaining popularity around the world. This drug has been used to treat many illnesses, such as chronic pain and depression. It is available on the market as a supplement or a plant extract which can be made into tea or powder to be mixed with food or drink.

Kratom is also used for relieving scoliosis pain. In this article, I will first explain what causes scoliosis. In the end, I will also answer how and which kratom is used for scoliosis.

What is scoliosis?

Scoliosis is a medical condition in which the spine has an abnormal curvature, also known as spinal deformity.

A spine with scoliosis will have an S-shape. The upper part of the back will curve to one side, and the lower part of the back will curve to the other side. This condition can affect all different areas of the body, including organs and muscles. Sometimes there may not be any symptoms at first; however, symptoms can include pain and discomfort in your back or shoulders when you bend forward or when you lift something heavy.

It can be identified by looking for uneven shoulders, one shoulder blade that protrudes more than the other, or one hip higher than the other. It can also be identified by observing an individual standing and looking for a sideways S shape in their spine. Scoliosis can cause back pain, which may worsen with age. The condition is not life-threatening but it does limit a person’s ability to perform normal activities such as walking or sitting up straight.

Causes of scoliosis:

There are many different causes for scoliosis, with some more common than others. The most common cause of scoliosis is idiopathic scoliosis which means that there is no known cause for the condition. It can be congenital, which is due to genetic defects.

Other causes include neurologic disorders like cerebral palsy and head traumas which can result in cervical or thoracic spinal abnormalities that lead to scoliosis.

There is also another type of scoliosis, neuromuscular scoliosis. It is caused by muscle weakness or paralysis that leads to spinal deformities when standing or sitting up straight because of these muscles.

Treatment of scoliosis:

Scoliosis treatment is most important. Because if left untreated it can lead to spinal cord damage.

Scoliosis can be treated depending upon the curvature of the spine. Spinal injections and back braces are two ways doctors can treat scoliosis. These are the medical procedures for scoliosis. Some home exercise is also recommended for it.

The most important is the pain associated with scoliosis. For pain, you can take a pain reliever. Kratom is the best choice for this.

Kratom for scoliosis:

Kratom has been used for centuries as a traditional drug. Nowadays it is also used for recreation. It helps deal with different body conditions like insomnia, depression, and anxiety, boosting immunity and pain.

Kratom is the natural and best substitute for different painkillers used for scoliosis. Its alkaloid-containing components are very useful in relieving pain. Kratom is also natural and does not cause any side effects if used in low to moderate doses.

Which kratom strain is best for scoliosis?

You can use any kratom strain that suits you better. All kratom strains can relieve pain due to their alkaloid contents. Some of them are mentioned below:

Ø  Green vein Borneo: it gives you instant pain relief. Its use is also safe due to the fewer side effects associated with it.

Ø  Green Vein Bali: it is the inexpensive and powerful strain of kratom. It is best for beginners. It not only relieves your pain but also boosts up your energy.

Ø  Red vein Borneo: it contains the highest alkaloid content. It is a more potent pain reliever.

Which kratom form is useful for scoliosis?

The affordable and safest form of kratom that is used for pain relief is the powder form. Its leaves are dried and then crushed and stored. Many people take kratom powder in the form of tea or coffee. Some also mix it with beverages to make it taste better. You can also add honey to it.

Kratom pure extracts are also used for intense pain, as they are more potent. But there is always the risk of side effects when using these.

Concluding, People who have Scoliosis are afflicted with pain and discomfort due to spinal deformity. The treatment of this problem is expensive and painful with side effects, as we know. Kratom For Scoliosis is the best way to reduce the pain that comes with scoliosis. It not only reduces the pain but also prevents other side effects associated with this health condition.